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It’s truly said, “Practice makes man perfect” might be true to a certain extent, but Practice in a right direction makes the man perfect is certainly true. Brain Master’s Classes has been providing its guidance with a dream to facilitate medical aspirants to achieve their goals.

Brain Master’s Classes is a centre of excellence in the field of imparting education for competitive examination like AIIMS, NEET, AFMC, BHU & JIPMER etc. We at Brain Master’s Classes keep aimable environment to motivateour students to work harder and it plays vital role for making our students successful in competitive exams.

The team of Brain Master’s Classes is not only a group of highly qualified and talented faculties, but it is more of an attitude of excellence that comes from 100% dedication & determination, the team by its expertise and devotion impart its unique methodology which enhances working ability in all aspects of examination.

Teaching by Learned and Experienced Faculties is our motto, Brain Master’s Classes is well known for its genre of skilled faculties who are not only experiencednames in the field of academics, but also renowned doctors and engineers of the city many of whom are gold medalists.Thus they use their caliber and experience to guide students and introduce them to the intricacies of medical andengineering entrance exams.


To be a pioneer in competive education and revolutonize academia via a synergy of innovative approaches to mentorship crafted to incorporate academic proficiency.


To maximize our nation’s knowledge capital by creating an entire generation of adept students who are fully loaded with knowledge and skills which are an absolute essntial to achieve greater heights in competitive exams.

This is what we are widely known for

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Why Choose Us?

  • VII+VIII (TARGET-SCHOOOL+OLYMPIADS)Teaching by Learned and Experienced Faculties
  • IX+X (TARGET-OLYMPIADS+NTSE+KVPY)Comprehensive Study Material
  • XI+XII (TARGET-AIIMS/NEET)Double Track System
  • Droppers Batch (TARGET-AIIMS/NEET)
  • Capsule Course (TARGET-AIIMS/NEET)
  • Crash Course (TARGET-AIIMS/NEET)
  • AIIMS Special Batch (TARGET-AIIMS)
  • Summer Course

Why Choose Us?

  • Teaching by Learned and Experienced Faculties
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Double Track System
  • Well Planned Test Series
  • Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Excellent Results
  • Special Programs
  • Library Facility

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Parents: Problems with Your Relationships and Your Family.

Meet your partner’s parents, pretty scary? Well, maybe not …

Many of us are under the impression that the meeting with our large family will be terrible and difficult, and ungrateful; fortunately, not all of our lives mirror \”familiarity with parents\” (I am sure my father is not a secret agent) ..

We all want to make a good first impression, look nice, talk and do the right thing, and act like the perfect ladies and gentlemen. Now, can one of you tell me what the final word was in the last sentence?

The key word is \”to act.\” We are.

It doesn’t have to be a facade …

About two years ago, I started dating my first guy …

Ever since I met him, I knew he wasn’t good enough for me, because I was young, stupid, and \”in love,\” less than a person, didn’ t keep me from drawing my best judgment on his blue eyes …

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About a week or two in our relationship, I invited him to my house with some other friends to meet my parents …

My parents didn’ t know anything about Jason, except he was my \”friend.\” I knew my parents wouldn’t approve, so I made my relationship with Jason as much platonic as possible. Of course, it made it more difficult to know when he came on this winter night …I’ll never forget a long conversation with Jason a couple of nights before he came in. He was under strict orders to \”shake hands quickly, say something good about a new couch, and get the hell out of the way.\” I knew well that any more than three minutes of conversation would lead to a revelation of his lack of character and my lack of judgment …

And that’s where I made one of my biggest mistakes …

Whether you agree with me or not, the truth is that parents are called upon to lead and guide their children with the best intentions and goals. I didn’ t want to hear my parents ‘ best judgment, and I paid for it …

The pain, problems and problems I could have avoided were insurmountable; if I told my parents about the real state of my relationship with Jason, they would never have agreed to let me see him …