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If I have learned anything from this experience, be honest about what is really going on in your relationship-to yourself and to those who take care of you (not just your parents) ..

When do you feel that you have to lie about who you’re talking to, what does that mean about the character of your important friend? What does that say about what you’re saying, that you have someone?The moral of the story: Tell the truth, even if it means exposing some inconvenient truths. You’ll be thanking me and myself, I promise …

It’s been two years. I haven’t dated anyone since Jason and I haven’t even tried. I’m finally in the past, in a great place in my life, and I’m really ready to move on …

Not only that, but I found someone that matches my definition of \”perfect guy.\” We’ve been friends for a long time, he knows my friends and my family, they love him and he loves them. Seems like the perfect crossing of rights?Although all of the above causes simplify the process, the still difficult process that unites your relationship and your family …

Now your family sees your \”friend\” in a completely new light, he/she is not just your buddy, they see pictures on Facebook, but suddenly becomes an important and vital part of your life. The pressure is suddenly on them to please your partner and your partner to please them …

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!In my experience and experience close to me, all successful representations made between a girl/boyfriend and parents were positive simply because no one was trying to be someone they weren’t …

There was no game, no tricks, no lies, no cover. Everyone was who they were, the flaws, and everything. In the end, you want your parents to know your new partner, right? Let them know who you really were involved with and you’ll have far fewer problems at the end …

You want to adverate with us? Abbey Barker.

Barker’s Abbey is from Greenwich, Connecticut, and is a student at the St Rose College in Albany, New York, studying English and history. In 2010, she was interned as a fashion writer for the Style and Miric online magazine, but is currently writing for ASONISH Magazine. She hopes to live in New York one day and work as a writer. Its purpose is to use writing as a platform for drawing attention to the social issues to which it is passionate. In college, she hopes to share what she has learned with others in the hope that they may have as much pleasure as they avoid while avoiding the stickup situations in which she runs